Things You Should Never Do In Casinos


This article would be a sequel to one that I did recently about things that you shouldn’t do in a casino, for your own good. These are things that you should absolutely keep in mind, because if you end up doing them, it’s going to hurt you in many different ways. It would suffice it if you knew that casinos have some very stringent rules when it comes to what people can do and cannot do in their space. Since the atmosphere is filled with adrenaline-fuelled intoxicated individuals, I feel that you could get a little carried away—here or a few things that you shouldn’t do in casinos.

  • Casinos have actually started offering free drinks for people who play their games, with real money. You should make sure that, even if you do get these complimentary drinks offered to you, you should avoid them most of the time. But if you really want to drink them, pace yourself. You should never ever get sloppy drunk, and become a problem to every single person that you are dealing with in the casino. If you get really drunk, you become a nuisance, that is something that you should avoid.
  • You should make sure that you never misbehave with cocktail servers, because there is a reputation among Las Vegas casino waitresses that a lot of customers misbehave with them, because they are very attractive. Make sure that you keep them a good tip and be sweet to them.


  • If you run out of money, make sure that you never borrow the money from a friend. This idea is worse than borrowing money from an ATM. If you end up borrowing money from a friend, this means that you are not only wasting yours but his money as well. You will find yourself in a hole of debt.
  • Make sure that you never sit at the silent table. Select a table that is making the most noise, because the more noise there is, the more fun than having and the more money they are winning. It also means that some of those people would be drinking a lot, you can probably use at your advantage, in a legal yet, sly way.
  • If you happened to be a beginner, who is just entering a casino, I advise that you completely stick to games of pure chance and not skills because you don’t necessarily possess the skills to play these games that require a skill. These games involve you spending real money, and then have higher risks, and that is why I feel that you should stick to games of chance.

These have been some of the things that you should not do in a casino.

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