HKGFM Original Artist Spotlight: The Dead End Drivers

Samuel Gough

Bio - The Dead End Drivers

The Dead End Drivers are an indie rock band started by Ian Tyson, Luke Hubka from Littleton, Colorado. Their music is influenced by artists such as Led Zeppelin, Young the Giant, Mumford & Sons, and The Beatles. It’s members include Ian Tyson (lead guitar, vocals), Luke Hubka (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Matt Wilson (drums), and Sam Martens (bass, vocals). The Dead End Drivers have a unique, homegrown sound and loves to share their talents with others.


Review - The Dead End Drivers – Questions / Without You / Save Me

The Dead End Drivers are an indie rock band from the rocky mountain empire of Colorado. Some of their influences include Led Zeppelin, Mumford and Songs and The Beatles, yet I like how this is one of the bands which does not emulate any of their influences and instead takes certain likeable elements to create little pieces of idiosyncrasy. ‘Without You’ seduces me with its fun riffs and ‘Questions’ with it’s honesty. ‘Save Me’ even attempts (successfully!) the pop-punk style of expressive story-telling. If you’re looking for an amalgamation of a genre-less talent, The Dead End Drivers may be the band for you!

Chloe Cheung